The sign master Hiroshi placing the Vinyl Text with assistance from Daniel for the show opening this Saturday. More info at #art #akirabeard #brooklyn #succbk #artshow #art opening #nyart

Current drawing… “Prayer”. Would like 2 say more but burnt out from having lived life fully as possible today. Enjoy ur time and best wishes 2 u! #art #akirabeard #prayer #spirit #ink #crosshatch #figuredrawing

Let the healing begin!
” What do we do with all the pain? The loss, the disappointments, the errors that we live thru in our soft hearts. We were never given a process taught, or shown a way. On the surface we appear fine so much of the time. But underneath, we walk with injury. We never healed. Still we move forward, or at least we try to, but towards what? Over and over again, we arrive to find nothing there. The ship sinks before it has ever sailed, and only gathers more holes each time it sails out. But sometimes, its only when the ship capsizes and we abandon ship as it falls to the bottom of the ocean’s floor and there is no direction to swim but towards the sun on the horizon that we find ourselves headed on the first steps towards that path which despite all the education given us from family, friends, institutions and so forth, falling even mentioning… in that path towards the sacred hearts of ourselves. And so here finally, the emotional work begins, sending the strongest current that will carry our ships out to the furthest lands of our heart’s desire, without obstacle, when we are healed and ready to take another shot at sailing the world’s seas. It will be different, unlike any other, this next time around.” #art #akirabeard #figuredrawing #drawing #ink #crosshatching #nyart #brooklyn

cropped pic of painting in progress. Busy day but there’s always a little space for painting… #art #akirabeard #portrait #painting #watercolor #wip #yupo

Detail of todays Tao installation. One of the walls being built for “Akira’s Inadvertent Show”. More 2 come… #art #akirabeard #art show #brooklyn #wip #portrait #painting

Studio Sunday spent building one of the installation walls for upcoming show on Saturday. Paying homage to the integrated, holistic life… Tao style. #wip #art #artinstallation #brooklyn #akirabeard #artshow #brooklyn #tao #yinyang

Another piece drawn from life, and to be included in “Akira’s Inadvertent Solo Show”, opening this coming Saturday at Succulent Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Enjoy your Sunday comrades, and here are the words written this morning as shown in the piece.
“We were born into this world as one, and we would soon after grow into 2… And at the center of so much of our experiences occurs a conflict, in the 2 between the 2. There is the light of our intuition that draws us to the heart of so much opportunity to experience all that we were given. And how often does the darkness of our reasoning cast it’s shadow over it, hiding all the potential and possibilities. Life becomes a book we lack the inspiration to write that starts with the line “My life could have been.. if only..”. Yet if we unify the fragmented nature of ourselves again to a whole, how we feel over taken by an overwhelming feeling of necessity to write in the book of our lives everyday, whose ending is only brought on by a hand that was exhausted to the full extent of it’s use. Let us no longer delay the beginnings of our memoirs, starting now..” #art #artshow #drawing #ink #crosshatching #life #nyart #brooklyn #figuredrawing

Drawing from life… Wherever I find myself, whom ever I find myself among, there is an overwhelming feeling of necessity from inspiration 2 reflect the beauty of it thru art. Yesterday I found myself swimming in the ocean of Manhattan’s lower east side of population and culture only to end up in a meditation circle among strangers where we talked so openly about where we are at in life, smiling at our fears. The drawing/writing born from this can be seen in the following post. Enjoy all that which we were given my comrades. Love #art #akira#nyart #akirabeard #manhattan #brooklyn

Day 1 begins in the installation of “Akira’s Inadvertent Solo Show” at Succulent Studios in Brooklyn, NY opening next Saturday. The process of this art project has involved meeting alot of beautiful people. Today my newest comrade Yani gives me the support needed to bring it all together as seen here. Will continue 2 post the process… Enjoy ur Friday! #art #artinstallation #brooklyn #nyart #wip #akirabeard #artshow

A day I decided to take responsibility, waking up on a white sandy beach in Mexico where I drew and wrote these words… ” I’m finished. Done w/ the self deception. Done looking 4 contentment outside myself. I’ve made up my mind. I’m ready 4 all life has in every passing moment. 2 leave the pain from the past behind. I’m ready 2 break the patterns that bring new suffering into my life. I’m ready 2 forgive those that take my vulnerability as an opportunity 2 project their own suffering onto me. I know now not 2 take it personally, 4 it is in ignorance that they do so. Im ready to have compassion for myself firstly. To go deep within the heart and embrace my truest nature realized there, for all that it is. To celebrate beginning with this, is to celebrate life and all that exists within it follows…” And more. #art #akirabeard #drawing #figure #life #love #ink #crosshatch