arriving in NY from SF yesterday, I found myself out of shape from a 12 hour flight because of layovers. Furthermore, missing a cycle of sleep due to the discomfort of airplane/airport seating, I was in the perfect space when I walked into my friend Yun’s exhibit which to my surprise had a bigger than life size head painting of myself. I had a near out of body experience in front of it. Words can’t describe, as they usually are limited to beautiful works of art, so I will hold the experience in my heart. But if u happen to be in front of this piece, I feel confident that you will to. More work of the artist Yun can be found at and @yunsungjang . Thank u for the amazing expression Yun! #art #akirabeard #oilpaint #portrait #nyart #painting #fineart

Portrait collaboration with an inspiring writer friend named Lapo. I created the surface and he fleshed it out with content thru the written word. It can be read with another pic at Enjoy the experience… always! #art #akirabeard #writing #crosshatch #ink #portrait

Upon inviting someone recently 2 join myself in swimming, they replied, “god no! Isn’t it cold and scary?”. I said it was at times, and she couldn’t comprehend my daily practice of doing this. The goal of my life at one time, for so long was to be comfortable, on dry shore all the time. Even when thru the course of life when impermanence pushed me in the cold water involuntarily, how quick in terror I swam back to the comfort of a dry towel. But at some point a lifetime of accumulated repressed suffering became realized enough in one of these instances, that the pain of being comfortable was bigger than not being. So for the first time when pushed into these cold waters I began to swim… not towards shore but away from it. And it was here that by accident I came across the secret of the world and received its treasure that no material can compare with in value. The only motivation to return is from many of the secrets revealed in the unchartered abyss of ourselves, in this case compassion. And to share it with others so they too may walk thru the illusionary obstacles of themselves and find the hidden treasure we desperately look for on land. The ocean floor is filled with bottomless gold, we just have to swim to its depths and pick it up. Group swim, all in together now! See u all in the water. Love.. #art #akirabeard #water #swim #sf #aquaticpark

walking down an isolated country road and watching the stars being revealed 1 by 1 as day turned to nite, I was greeted by a massive dog that warmed itself up to I and led the rest of the way back 2 the guest home. It’s easy 4 the mind to recoil in such situations of near complete darkness isolated in the forest. But I felt safe in the presence of this guide. There was an intuitive certainty that if anything were to occur he would be the first 2 confront it. Upon making it back home, I sat on the front porch with s beer and drew him as he lay by my feet. When the beer was gone, the sketch complete, I watched my new friend leave the porch light and back into the dark forest. Life is filled with such moments of bliss all the time, and its icing on the cake to make impressions of these with whatever artistic medium of ones choice. In this case it was pen and paper. #art #akirabeard #drawing #crosshatch #ink #dog #sketch

This sketch was created from being intrigued by a cat named Max who I spotted in predator mode over a snake hole in the country. I sat on the ground joining her and drew while we patiently waited 4 the snake 2 arrive. It never did. In the following few days I witnessed her catch one though. My inspiration for drawing comes from the extension of experiences such as these. Such as all. It feels as if with drawing, a window into any experience can open it that much further with a deeper presence. Of course the subject of art being subjective, it is whatever one makes it. Well this what I have made of it. A deeper relationship with the heart of living that I never knew possible. Enjoy! #art #cat #drawing #ink #crosshatch #sketch #akirabeard

Original pen and ink drawing “Aliennation” available for purchase thru a bidding system. If interested in the piece or to read on the background of it with a high res pic please visit Thank u #art #akirabeard #drawing #ink #alien #pen #figure #crosshatch

Detail in a turning of 180degrees in the seat of consciousness. The paradox of how we are conditioned in seeing, experiencing the world. #art #akirabeard #painting #portrait #oilpaint

With the slightest shift inside ourselves we can experience a complete inner revolution in how we live thru how we see. Seeing the universe as a metaphysical construct where we are always being led to a place where a challenge exists for us to be working on what we need to overcome at any given point in our lives. It is often unforseen life circumstance, met with pain that leads us there. And if we can find the wisdom to work with it rather than run from or cope, does this shift begin. Despite heavy loss, the possibility of gaining more may manifest. Just maybe the universe is helping us, though it can feel during those trying times that it is against us. The shift is one in consciousness. May it begin for all of us:) #art #akirabeard #philosophy #painting #oilpaint #spirit #portrait #love

What I enjoy about the creative process is how art can be made anywhere, anytime, under any circumstance. Yesterday it was made in a biker bar surrounded by giant men of leather, tattoos, scruffy facial hair with classic rock cover bands and rough women dancing on the patio. Where am I? I don’t know but the hind sight of experience will reveal thru reflection and art. But it begins with courage and vulnerability which are one in the same. Here’s to saying Yes to life and sometimes sharing it with the world so too may perhaps find its own inspiration in doing the same. To live! #art #akirabeard #life #living #love #philosophy

"Memento Mori"- … inspired by the awareness that the mortal clock of our time here is ticking. That an appreciation of the time remaining is cultivated with the courage to live thru our heart’s pulsing desires and met with human will to act it out. Once hindered by the limitations of fear, with Memento Mori does one with grace fall from the clutches of phantoms that once had so much strength, and arrive in a paradise lost for so long. And at the center of its ecology is a mirror of death that reflects life in it all the possibilities of a life of majesty. And so with Memento Mori, I wear it with a life’s devotion. #art #akirabeard #mementomori #drawing #skull #ink #crosshatch